Topic 21 Assessment

Line graph titled under five mortality rate by region 1970 to 2011.
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  1. Describe Changing Roles and Compare Geographic Distributions and Patterns Write a paragraph describing children's issues, including mortality rate. Consider children's continuing role as a labor source in developing countries and some of the hardships they have suffered. Which geographic areas shown on the chart have the highest mortality rate for children under age five? What is one trend or pattern that is consistent for all geographic regions between 1970 and 2010?
  2. Summarize Impact Write a paragraph summarizing the social impact of 20th century globalization. Consider the social benefits and costs of globalization in the twentieth century: urbanization, foreign investment, and industrial development. Would factors such as the spread of ideas and technology help to improve society?
  3. Identify Major Causes Write a paragraph about how globalization has led to increased world interdependence. Consider transportation and communication improvements, the spread of democratic systems, and the rise of free trade and the spread of goods and ideas.
  4. Explain the Role Write a paragraph explaining the advances in space exploration. Consider competition between the United States and the Soviet Union to build rocket-propelled weapons and rocketry, joint efforts to develop the International Space Station, and the role of private companies in space exploration.
  5. Identify Characteristics Write a paragraph identifying the characteristics of socialism in newly independent African nations. Consider the appeal of socialism, how countries expected that socialism would affect relations with former colonial rulers, and the focus of the African brand of socialism.
  6. Explain the Significance Write a paragraph explaining the significance of the United Nations as a global organization. How has it increased in importance since the days of its predecessor, the League of Nations? What type of activities does it engage in around the world?
  7. Summarize Reasons Write a paragraph about ongoing conflicts between India and Pakistan that have affected the international community. Consider possible Pakistani support of terrorist groups, the relationship between Pakistan and the United States, and nuclear capabilities of India and Pakistan.
  8. Describe Major Influences Write a paragraph describing Mother Teresa's accomplishments in India. What impact did improved agricultural technology and urbanization in India have on the poor and needy?
  9. Formulate Generalizations Read the passage below. Write a paragraph and make a generalization about the effects of China's economic reforms under Deng Xiaoping. Consider how his approach differed from his predecessors, the benefits to farmers and entrepreneurs, the role of foreign capital and technology, and the impact on economic growth.

    Deng Xiaoping was a more moderate communist leader in China who took a new approach to China's economy in the 1980s. He was more interested in improving economic output than in communist purity. “I don't care if a cat is black or white,” he declared, “as long as it catches mice.”

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