The disease is caused by HIV, a virus that damages the body's ability to fight infections. In South Africa and Botswana, up to one third of adults were infected with HIV. More than 11 million children in Africa have been orphaned by the AIDS epidemic.

The loss of many skilled and productive workers hurt the economies of some African countries. A global effort to combat AIDS led to the development of drugs to treat people infected with HIV. African nations set up treatment programs and worked hard to stop the spread of AIDS.


  1. Summarize How did Nelson Mandela help shift political thought in South Africa?
  2. Describe Describe the apartheid regime and the struggle for equality in South Africa.
  3. Infer Why did some African leaders believe that “African socialism” would work better than a European model? What problems arose?
  4. Identify Central Issues What do you think is the greatest challenge facing developing African countries today? Give reasons for your answer.
  5. Make Predictions What effect will urbanization have on Africa? Will it be positive or negative?

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