Infographic titled the great depression in the united states. Source: Mintz, S, and McNeil, S. 2013. Digital history w w w dot digital history dot u h dot e d u.
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  1. Explain the Responses and Analyze Information Write a paragraph explaining the U.S. government's response to the global depression, including generalizations and predictions about its impact. How did President Roosevelt's New Deal programs address bank failures and unemployment? Explain some other New Deal programs, and generalize about their short and long-term effects.
  2. Identify and Explain the Major Causes and Effects Write a paragraph explaining the roots and effects of Japanese imperialism. Consider Japan's growing population, China's weakened political situation, and the effect of the Great Depression. Based on the below map, how did Japan's status as an island nation encourage imperialism?
  3. Identify Influence Write a paragraph identifying the influence of the ideas of liberty, equality, and democracy on the Mexican Revolution. Consider the rule under Porfirio Díaz in the early 1900s, the status of Mexico's peasants and growing middle class, the results of the Mexican Revolution in 1917, and provisions of the new constitution.
  4. Describe People's Participation Write a paragraph describing how Latin Americans developed local industries after the Great Depression. Consider economic nationalism and how governments protected domestic industries. Can you predict what other effects of nationalism occurred in Latin American countries?

A map shows Japan's expanding empire.
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