Topic 17 Assessment

Map titled the Middle East in the 19 twenties.
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  1. Explain the Impact Write a paragraph explaining the political impact of the mandate system under the Treaty of Versailles. On the above map, locate the British and French mandates created from former German colonies and Ottoman territory. How did the mandates contribute to tensions between Jewish and Arab settlers?
  2. Describe the Spread Write a paragraph describing Jewish migration to the Palestine Mandate. Consider the impact of the Jewish diaspora, the role of Theodor Herzl in Zionist movement, conflicts between Jewish and Arab residents in Palestine Mandate, and the British Balfour Declaration.
  3. Identify Contributions Write a paragraph about how Marie Curie contributed to scientific study of radioactivity. Describe Marie Curie's work with radium and uranium.
  4. Explain the Responses Write a paragraph explaining the impact, if any, of the global depression on the Soviet Union. Consider Stalin's push for industrialization, why these economic policies backfired, and the results of inefficient central planning.
  5. Describe the Emergence Write a paragraph describing the emergence of totalitarianism in Germany under Hitler. Consider the Third Reich, the role of the Gestapo, anti-Semitism and the Nuremberg Laws, and the indoctrination of youth in Germany.
  6. Summarize Causes Write a paragraph summarizing the causes of global depression that began in the United States. Consider the distribution of wealth in the United States, factory overproduction, risky investments and the stock market crash, U.S. banks demanding repayment of overseas loans, and the impact of protective tariffs.

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