1. Identify and Describe Major Effects Write a paragraph about the influence of the Scientific Revolution on European thinking. Consider the fundamental basis of the Scientific Revolution and how this influenced Enlightenment thinkers. What were the changes in religious beliefs at that time?
  2. Compare Consequences Write a paragraph comparing the changes in government after the American and French revolutions. Include information on each country's constitution and government role.
  3. Identify the Influence of Ideas List the rights all humans have according to the United States Constitution and the English Bill of Rights. Compare the two lists, making note of at least one difference between the two countries.
  4. Create Visual Presentations Create a slide show or PowerPoint presentation with captions providing information about the Committee of Public Safety formed during France's Reign of Terror. Consider the kinds of power the committee had and its specific orders.
  5. Explain Relationships Using information from the graphic below and the lessons, write a paragraph explaining Puritan life in England and the influence of Christianity on secular politics. Consider the Puritan way of worship, punishment for non-observers, shunned activities under Puritan beliefs, and how politics were influenced. Why did Puritans place an emphasis on education?
  6. Write about the Essential Question Write an essay on the Essential Question: How much power should the government have? Use evidence from your study of this Topic to support your answer.

Infographic titled the puritan influence reprinted for the assessment section.
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