1. Describe Effects and Explain Impact Write a paragraph describing the major effects of European expansion in Africa, and explain the impact of the slave trade on the Americas. Consider the different parts of the triangular trade and what types of goods were exchanged. Where did most of the 11 million slaves end up working? When was slavery abolished throughout the Americas, and what was the impact of slavery on the cultures of the Americas?
  2. Explain Development and Impact Write a paragraph explaining the development and impact of the Atlantic slave trade on West Africa. Consider the roles of the African rulers and the impact of the slave trade on the population. On the map below, locate the slave trading regions, including the Asante kingdom and the Oyo empire. What did these two regions do with the wealth they gained?
  3. Write about the Essential Question Write an essay on the Essential Question: Why do people move? Use evidence from your study of this Topic to support your answer.

A map shows major African states around 1700.
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