Islamic Practices Change

As Islam spread throughout Asia, Africa, and Europe, Muslims adopted practices of conquered peoples. For example, the practices of veiling upper-class women and secluding them in a separate part of the home were Persian customs. The Quran says that women should dress modestly, which has been interpreted in multiple ways. Still, women's lives varied according to region and class. In rural areas, peasant women often needed to work and did not wear a veil, but took care to dress modestly.


  1. Identify Cause and Effect According to Muslim belief, in what way did meditation lead toward Muhammad becoming a prophet?
  2. Apply Concepts Why was the hijra a turning point for Islam?
  3. Draw Conclusions Why is declaring faith the first of the Five Pillars of Islam?
  4. Infer How do the Quran and Sharia guide Muslims?
  5. Draw Conclusions Why might women in Arab society have welcomed Islam?

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