• Macao region of southeastern China made up of a peninsula and two islands, a Portuguese territory from the mid-1800s to 1999

  • Maginot Line massive fortifications built by the French along their border with Germany in the 1930s to protect against invasion

  • Magna Carta the Great Charter approved by King John of England in 1215; it limited royal power and established certain rights of English freemen

  • Magyars an ethnic group centered in present-day Hungary

  • Mahdi a Muslim savior of the faith

  • maize corn

  • Malacca a state and coastal city in SW Malaysia, was an early center of the spice trade

  • Mali medieval West African trading empire located in presentday Mali

  • Malindi a coastal town in SE Kenya

  • Manchester city in England; one of the leading industrial areas; example of an Industrial Revolution city; first major rail line linked Manchester to Liverpool in 1830

  • Manchuria historic province in northeastern China; rich in natural resources

  • Manchus people originally from Manchuria, north of China, who conquered the Ming dynasty and ruled China as the Qing dynasty from the mid-1600s to the early 1900s

  • mandate after World War I, a territory administered by a Western power

  • Manhattan Project code name for the project to build the first atomic bomb during WWII

  • Manifest Destiny American idea that the United States should stretch across the entire North American continent

  • manor during the Middle Ages in Europe, a lord's estate which included one or more villages and the surrounding lands

  • Maori indigenous people of New Zealand

  • March on Rome planned march of thousands of Fascist supporters to take control of Rome; in response Mussolini was given the legal right to control Italy

  • Marseilles French port city; troops marched to a patriotic song as they marched from this city, the song eventually became the French national anthem

  • Marshall Plan massive aid package offered by the U. S. to Europe to help countries rebuild after WWII

  • martyr person who suffers or dies for his or her beliefs

  • matrilineal term for a family organization in which kinship ties are traced through the mother

  • May Fourth Movement cultural movement in China that sought to reform China and make it stronger

  • means of production farms, factories, railways, and other large businesses that produce and distribute goods

  • Mecca a city in western Saudi Arabia; birthplace of Islam's prophet Muhammad and most holy city for Islamic people

  • medieval referring to the Middle Ages in Europe or the period of history between ancient and modern times

  • Medina a city in western Saudi Arabia; a city where Muhammad preached

  • Meiji Restoration in Japan, the reign of emperor Meiji from 1868 to 1912 which was marked by rapid modernization and industrialization

  • mercantilism policy by which a nation sought to export more than it imported in order to build its supply of gold and silver

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